Animal Jewelry

Animal motifs have featured heavily in accessories this season, and the good news is that your investment will continue to pay off for even longer. The largest jewelry trend of the Summer is set to transition into Fall, to be layered over chunky sweaters and knitted dresses. The enduring appeal of animal jewelry is likely to be found in the cuteness of a lot of pieces, as well as the awesomeness of those items that have a more serious, dramatic edge. These creatures, cast in bronze, pewters and golds, have a classic effect, instantly bringing a touch of glam to any outfit while the more fierce pieces add an oh so cool, rock chick vibe.

For a look that really devotes itself to the animal kingdom, pair your metallic pieces with leopard print. Do not worry about looking over the top, leopard print is so classic that these days it might even be considered a basic! Go for a semi-sheer blouse or statement pencil skirt. Balance with black separates and use as a canvas, on which you can paint your homage to the natural world.

It does not have to be all about metals and classic nudes. If you want a pop of color, there are plenty of pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd. Owl necklaces are huge right now – some, literally so. Gigantic pendants which take center stage and make a statement, these pieces glitter and are embellished with bright tones, all the better for adding a hint of Summer sunshine to your Winter wardrobe. The same goes for more exotic birds: toucans and peacocks are other favorites of the hottest jewelry designers right now, because they bridge the gap between the natural and the technicolor, similar to the recent fascination with digital prints. Adding one of these jewels to your outfit will instantly inject a shot of life and zest, no matter how understated the rest of it is.

If you want to make a nod towards the trend but do not fancy sporting an intimate animal figure around your neck on your fingers, then look towards pieces that incorporated references towards particular parts of an animal's anatomy, or bring something rather different to the table . For example, a wraparound talon ring or cuff, made famous by the designs of Pamela Love, is a dramatic yet understated piece that can be easily paired with other rock chick accessories such as bullet necklaces and crucifix pendants. Skull inspired pieces such as ram's heads or hummingbirds bring a whole new realm of meaning to the trend. These talismans of death are stunning and, forged in precious metals, bringing together the somewhat paradoxical themes of luxury and mortality.

The lasting appeal of the animal jewelry trend is exciting and only gives us more opportunity to invest further with pieces that we will want to wear for seasons to come. Many animal designs are well on their way to becoming fully fledged classics, instantly recognizable and always covetable. Get ahead of the pack with a quirky mix of cute bears, seductive snakes and chilling predators.